Conscious Incompetence

Even coaches have coaches, and mine challenged me to do my first Facebook Live. ulp

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The Water and the Pump

I listened to a friend talking the other day about her pilot husband who would just not give it up. His entire career had been devoted to piloting passengers across the US. After he retired, he volunteered for the Air National Guard. Now, years later, he’s still flying solo. She’s concerned that

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Time Management for Real Life

I recently coached a client who can’t get it all done.  There is just too much on her plate to handle. 

Ever feel like that?

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Unplug and Recharge

Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world. ~Pema Chodron

My sister decided to leave town for a few days. 

She planned to rent a hotel room, soak in the sun by the pool and read a book.  Or several books.  Her workplace was closing for the July 4 holiday and there was nothing else pressing on her agenda, so why not?

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Do They Need a Hand, or Are They “Doing Stupid?”

When someone lends a hand, everyone operates from the place of gratitude. The person in need knows their situation will change and they come to you for help with that process. Disaster can strike without warning, and we are all better when we step in to help. Sometimes, though, helplessness becomes a way of life, and they are, instead, “helpless.” They’ve ingrained the habit

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When Change Stalls Out

You’ve been working the same job for years.  It’s OK.  It pays the bills.  But inside your heart, you really don’t want to be there.  Getting to work is an effort.

You feel itchy inside wanting change, but then you think about

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