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The Important Part

We think that creating something new is hard and convince ourselves to never begin because it’s hard. But, just like Amazon and their suppliers, the hard part is not the important part.

Say Goodbye – Say Hello

This post comes about because a colleague of mine, Lois Hart, sent her new book to me. I thought you might like to see how relevant it was for me and how you could use it too.

Ahhh – Awww – Awe

Our mission in this lifetime is to discover our own special way of gathering, connecting and sharing the dots that are within our reach. You apply your own special sauce in whatever medium fits you best.

Conscious Incompetence

Even coaches have coaches, and mine challenged me to do my first Facebook Live. ulp

The Water and the Pump

I listened to a friend talking the other day about her pilot husband who would just not give it up. His entire career had been devoted to piloting passengers across the US. After he retired, he volunteered for the Air National Guard. Now, years later, he’s still flying solo. She’s concerned that

Time Management for Real Life

I recently coached a client who can’t get it all done.  There is just too much on her plate to handle. 

Ever feel like that?