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Look what I just found!

Last October, around the middle of the month, when I first visited NW Arkansas, I sat with my sister one evening making mind maps.  Yep, that's what we do. I had made the decision emotionally to move but had no idea

Oh no! I lived my life all WRONG!

The workshop was going smoothly.  All the participants were engaged in the material and I could see the light bulbs of recognition and understanding popping. Several of the ladies attending were empty-nesters who never had a career outside the home.  Their lifetime focus had been nurturing family and running a household.  Suddenly, what they thought of as their “purpose” just left for college and they were left standing with a generous heart and lots less laundry. As we talked about Dreams and what gets in the way of manifesting them, one participant blurted, “Oh no!  I lived my life all WRONG!”  She was regretting the ...

You Don’t Need to Worry

Standing at the kitchen sink, I felt tension through my shoulders and neck. My body was filled with anxiety. Contemplating a move and all its complexities right at the holidays had my mind overflowing with detail.

Organized or Orderly. Which are you?

Are you the kind of person that is constantly looking for things? I don’t mean the what-did-I-come-in-here-for moments, I mean, it’s time to go – do you know where your keys are?

How to measure value

The painting of a huge, burgundy rose was stunning. It was hanging on the dusty back wall in a resale shop. As I stood and appreciated the beauty and craftsmanship, I couldn’t help but wonder about the artist and how that lovely work ended up here. When I asked the shop owner about it,

Do you remember your first time?

Once upon a time, in my early 40’s, I was a professional musician. I sang alto in an a capella quartet. We were the darlings