From the End of “Normal” . . .

Your world is different now. You may be feeling restless and discontent and wondering, “what’s next?” Or perhaps you have been smacked by a sudden change forced upon you. It could be you’re lost in a maze of rules and norms that have nothing to do with you.

Your heart is crying for change. You’re ready for change. And the world is ready for you to change. So, if not now, when?

Your heart knows that you must embark on a new path, to find deeper meaning. But you’re distracted, you don’t want to rock the boat, you’re not sure now is the time, you’re responsible for so many other things. Life just gets in the way… So many ways to put yourself last.

It’s OK. There are places along the path where that happens sometimes. The Unmarked Path: Finding your Way through Change helps you know where you are in the process of a midlife transition and guides you toward choosing specific strategies that will help you along your way. You’ll create a plan to get you through the next 28 days.

. . . to Finding Your Way

Each person’s unmarked path has recognizable signposts; while at the same time, each person’s path is unique. Finding your path, however, is only part of the lesson, the real lessons come when you put your plan into action.

You can create a 28-day plan to move forward by using The Fireside Circle Workbook, or you could choose to move forward by hiring me as your Trail Guide. In either case, you will define and narrow your action timetable to 28 days, and during that time, you will focus on engaging in activities that will support you perfectly.

Remember: action is where real change happens.

Putting your plan into action in a Fireside Circle gives you membership to our private Facebook page where you can report your results and be accountable to other Fireside Circle members. You also gain entrance to the weekly on-line Fireside Circle where you join other Trailblazers.  In the Circle, we join together in a ceremonial atmosphere and share results by passing a talking stick. There is so much learning available to you there! And it works both ways, the circle needs your wisdom.

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Debra DeVilbiss

debraChange can turn your life around in an instant.

What I learned through my own experiences is that there is a process of change. Adult transitions are like the grown-up version of the terrible twos, or rebellious teenagers. We must grow. We must pass through the Lake of Unknowing and become a truer version of ourselves.

Based on my own growing process, self study and coaching training & experience I developed this program to help you transition through the next stage of your life’s path. The Unmarked Path will help you find your way through change.

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