What’s with the frog…?

Remember when you were in your late 20’s to early 30’s? At that age, I bet you made a decision that altered the direction of your life.  Am I right?

It happens to us all.

Sometimes we change because we consciously decide to think or behave contrary to the way we were raised. Sometimes life passages like graduation, marriage, launching a new career occur. Sometimes, fate steps in. A birth, a death, a move across country, or to another country, any of those can propel you in a different, unplanned direction.

Whatever the circumstances at the time, a decision was made. My guess is that you still feel the effects of that decision today.

The changes you made during that life transition helped create you.  

Like the frog, you left behind behaviors that didn’t serve and grew stronger in ways that prepared you to leap. You transitioned from early adulthood to mid-life.

The frog helps you remember your first leap.

The frog is curious about your next leap

Unlike frogs that undergo metamorphosis from tadpole to frog only once – humans never stop changing. Life stages are normal and necessary.  You leapt down a new path once, you can do it again.

Generally speaking, prime time for a mid- to late-career woman in the US spans about ages 45 to 55. Many businesses, careers, lives of public service, and artistic voices began after age 50, even more after 60.

You’ll come to learn that age is not a determinant of anything important.

You know it’s time for change if you feel stalled out in your career; maybe you are easily annoyed with the status quo. Sometimes, those who married young find themselves single and vulnerable. Perhaps your teenage children are about to fly while your parents are talking about moving in. And now… chin hairs.

A new way of being is whispering, calling to you. Remember, where there is change there is opportunity.

The frog wants to know, are you ready to leap?

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Debra DeVilbiss

debraChange can turn your life around in an instant.

What I learned through my own experiences is that there is a process of change. Adult transitions are like the grown-up version of the terrible twos, or rebellious teenagers. We must grow. We must pass through the Lake of Unknowing and become a truer version of ourselves.

Based on my own growing process, self study and coaching training & experience I developed this program to help you transition through the next stage of your life’s path. The Unmarked Path will help you find your way through change.

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